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aman chandravanshi

Digital Marketing

amanchandravanshi , aman digital marketing


2018 - Present

Digital Marketing

With a population explosion of people online. The better and more reliable platform for marketing is On the Internet.I learned SEO, SEM , Adwords ,Analytics, Google my business,Etc . All tools necessary for Digital Marketing. 


Wonderful WordPress

After learning to build websites and knowing the importance of them With some knowledge of graphics I learned to use WordPress. Which made my websites look more professional and sophisticated. 


Graphic Designing

After learning to build something on website , I understood the importance of good looking Posters and online Graphic ads which always attracted me to click. So I learned Graphic Designing to make Cool Graphic Poster and illustration. 


HTML Websites

After learning the basics of HTML/CSS i started working on one or two websites making them for people who needs a website for their projects in schools and collages. These websites were made only for demonstration purpose. of customer’s projects.

About Me

I Consider myself as a problem solver, And i have some visions of future that are gonna impact the whole ecosystem of digital world and mankind on the society. I like to predict strategic moves for things to grow. I am trying my hands on each and every platform, in order to satisfy my curiosity of knowing how to get the things done, and improve my problem solving skills.


2018- Present

S.R.M University (Chennai) B.Tech

B.Tech (Electronics & Communication) 2nd Year.


Digital Marketing (Google)

Certification by google for Fundamentals of Digital marketing, Google my business, Google Ad words & Google Analytics



Tyler.com And Other great sources For Professional website development


Class 12th (90 Percentile)

 12th std P.C.M from Chaitanya Jr. College Hyderabad


Adobe Photoshop

Basic Designing, Posters and infographics. From Photoshop Essentials.



Basic Designing and development of a website. Old traditional way


Class 10th (C.G.P.A - 9.2)​

Delhi Public School Bilaspur (C.G)


SMM 87%
Blogging(Content Writing) 78%
SEO 74%
Website Building 90%
Video Editting 75%
Photoshop 71%
Html & CSS 70%

*For estimation only. Not accurate representation



Lets talk business. Here are the services I can do , as always everything good comes with a price.

Complete installation and setup of 4 main pages(Home,Contacts,Services,Blogs) will be fixed and after that recurring price.

For Premium support and more options contact me.

As the market is totally chaotic and due to fluctuating results, Its better to contact me directly.

For promoting and branding via social media. And also for selling products via social media .

The best possible optimization of website for appearing in Google’s First page. 

Designing the best Logo,Posters and banners for your Business.

For writing search engine optimized blogs for almost any topic and any other content for your website.


amanchandravanshi aman digital marketing

Free Custom Music and Sound Desgn For Any kind Of Commercial or Personal use.


Posters of Public Awareness 

From STAY STRONG! Campaign

Arham Decor

For Best Designs and ideas in the field of Decor & Designing

Online Digital Ideas

Best place to Discuss your Powerful ideas.

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