After testing 50-100 earphones .These were the best.

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By Aman Chandravanshi

After testing 50–100 earphones .These were the best.

So i always bought earphones considering price as the highest priority , so me and my friend bought earphones his earphone was a bit costlier then mine . And the sound quality was quite similar in both of them . But mine had half the life of his earphone’s . So In long run I ended up paying more . Then I decided to make a Blog which will give you the best earphones after testing nearly 10–12 earphones in all segments.

I will update it whenever some new earphones will come in market.

Here We Go

  1. Low budget earphones.

So this segment has a big market . And a lot of competition And it will be under 1000rs(13$)

This segment offers:


Mi  Earphones Basic with Mic (Black)

pricing 87%
Build quality 63%
Sound Quality 46%

For The price range you can’t get something as good as this, With such a build quality and bricing this is the best earphone in this segment available

2.Now comes the segment With mid range costing Between 1000rs-10000rs(13$-130$)

This segment offers: –


1MORE Triple Driver Earphone with Mic

pricing 53%
Build quality 80%
Sound Quality 77%

With Triple Driver technology and metal body This new Startup has the potential to dominate big branded names. The sound quality is great. Premium metal gives good built quality. Although we miss noise cancellation otherwise this had the potential to outshine in both segments.

3. Now the most premium earphones available in the market. 15000rs and Above(135$ and above)

This segment offers :


Bose QuietComfort 20 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones (Black) for Samsung and Android Devices

pricing 33%
Build quality 93%
Sound Quality 95%

Noise Cancelling makes this the best earphones Available out there. And Bose never pulls back in giving best built quality and sound quality.

4. Bluetooth in ear earphones. Gives us another prospective in earphone market giving us an escape route from tangle loving wires

This segment offers:


Bose Sound Sport Free Truly Wireless Headphones (Bright Orange)

pricing 54%
Build quality 89%
Sound Quality 70%

Best for sports (running,jogging etc). With good battery backup. and so good looking design this was the best wireless earphone available .

5. Now with the latest technology of ‘Bone Conduction’ sound delivering system comes

This segment offers :


This will not be marked with statistic bar because the sensation and feeling is totally different , You can listen with your ears open , giving you all your senses back . So you can hear it easily. and can care of your surrounding . Although pricing is quite high but it was expected ,since its a new technology.

So this was most filtered list of good earphones out there ,But there are a thousand more which can be listed above . But this was my preference. And don’t attack me if your favorite earphone couldn’t make it here. Everyone has different choice. check out my website – 

read my other blogs –


Anyway , Thanks for reading have a nice day.

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