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“If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.”
― .R.R. Tolkien

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By Aman Chandravanshi

In this fast and fancy life, people are considering eating outside rather than making food at home. That’s why these food delivery startup are flourishing. And because of less time, people are not considering making food at home. This can be criticized by many sociologist etc but its a good deal for businesses. Specially Food business. If you are in the business of food, this article will help you to make & grow your business. I will tell you some tricks that you can apply in your business and make the use of technology, marketing etc and by comforting them with your delicious food. Yammmm.!

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

So, you own a food business like restaurant, hotel, or just food shop. Whatever you own, Marketing and business stratergies can only pull customer, or build loyality, But customer will not come if your food is not good enough. 

   Good Food is 1st & must.

No matter how good your everything is, if the food doesn’t satisfies the customer, you cannot compete with the market. So make the food great first. And always use fresh and good materials. Keep the food hygienic. Its the last thing you want your customer to become ill. He will never ever show up again and since negative marketing spreads like wildfire they will tell their close ones not to visit you. (A good example of mouth to mouth marketing.)

It can even make you viral on social media. Just type #food on instagram. Caution! don’t watch it if you are hungry.  😛 .

 Your food business should Always have a Signature dish

When people discover your restaurant for the first time or through Marketing its difficult for them to choose which food will be the best for their money and will satisfy their hunger & love for food. So, Restaurant should always have specials to make it easy for customer’s to decide. 

You can have 1-3 dishes in specials. And after receiving feedback from people decide that one dish which is loved by 80% of the people. After some time you will become famous for that Special food item.(This also follows the 80/20 principle).

Locality & Area demographics should be studied for best pricing of your business.

Suppose you are opening a food business in a locality where middle class people lives nearby . Majority of which have a family. Where common interest is Indian food. This were some of the information you can extract using your smartphone, In no time. 

So, in this place it would be difficult to compete with high price as majority is of middle class people. You cannot open a Pub etc. As family lives nearby, local society won’t allow that. And it won’t even attract a good number of people(demographics). 

What you can do is, open a Restaurant of Indian cuisine with a play room (So parents can enjoy their food). A good parking space(family car). Ambiance -peaceful(Except kids play area).

 Your marketing target should be mothers. Who want to go out with family. Because fathers most of the time go out with many other groups like Friends, Coworker, Meetings.(You can have a hall for this reason too).  Children’s like flashy food (Spicy, sweet etc.). Have some dish especially for children’s. Well mostly they will eat whatever their parents are eating. But hey! you have that in your menu and it doesn’t involve any extra effort. 

Keep Your menu Tight and keep revising a separate column every year.

I chose this Food business as an example because its the most common demographic in the world. At least for now. 

aman digital marketing food marketing

Use remarketing techniques for building the best customer loyalty.

Remarketing should be done to make the customer feel special not like you are just calling them again to spend their money. Some technique are.

  1. Give free cakes in birthday parties celebrated in your restaurant.

2.  Free Dessert for family on the time of Christmas. That’s just once every year. Not much investment needed for that.

3. Direct discount on first time customer.

all these techniques will build a customer loyalty which will bring more and more people to you.

Marketing should be Genuine and Believable.

By genuine, I mean use a good quality photo of your signature dish which is made in your Kitchen only. Don’t take free stock picture. Because people know when it is genuine and when its fake. (A good marketing is when it doesn’t feel like it).

And always give something to the consumer for following you on instagram and facebook give them free voucher’s on special occasions.(Best remarketing ) 

Give first time coupons for marketing through Ads.

Make your style professional not desperate.

aman digital marketing food marketing

Collaborate with local attraction if you are in area which is for some reason far from the city.

If you have a food business which is near a zoo (for example). Talk to the zoo authority and make a deal which will send people to your restaurant after they enjoy the zoo. 

Or just use digital marketing platform to target people who want food near that area. using the name of that zoo.

 This were just some of the marketing techniques to improve your business.

aman digital marketing food marketing

Do charity for building best Reputation.

If you are a fast-food chain, The best food during the time of disaster is fast-food. Its easy to make. give you enough calorie and fat for the day.(thus its not healthy everyday, as you eat it and your daily meal). So you should make sure your product reaches to the people with your label to be in news. I know it sounds like I am taking advantage of the disaster but. after thinking logically you will come to know we are just helping people their. Believe me, it just sounds bad but it actually isn’t.

Donate food to poor kids make them happy. Believe me the happiness comes around.


food marketing


use technology to make yourself efficient.

Yeah, Technology is taking over, and believe me its not a disaster if you are good with non-repetitive works. (Read this blog for more knowledge on that).

Use tablets on each table for orders and reviews. Make an interface  which will display your real food pics and specials. Its just one time investment. Some games for kids. and ads of your business.

There are many other areas which can be customized and made efficient saving your money and time. Which you can divert in marketing and using technologies. For which I am here for you.

Now, its true you cannot use all the above procedures. But, you can use one or two things from it. I just wanted to set an example of an ideal food business from which all the other business can take ideas.

For more marketing and tech related advice that you  need. You know how to contact me. 😉 Bye.


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