How to make people Click Your Ads. (Advertisement Ideas) - Aman Chandravanshi

  1.                              “Facts are irrelevant. What matters is what the consumer believes.”
  2.                                                                                                                            – Seth Godin    
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By Aman Chandravanshi

I was on youtube , doing some important work and then , a skip able Ad poped out of nowhere, but some how I ended up watching the full video . Why though , The ad was not useful to me but, the product was portrayed very nicely. I Got into storyline of that 5 min ad.

Which created a positive image of them in my mind.

And i think, this was the motto behind their champaign, to make a good brand image of their product, so that people will prefer them over others . Because “People buy emotions not your product”.

But its not always about ads, Its about how good you product is and how good can you are marketing it.

Awsome Product.

If your product is not appealing people will not buy them . Infact the main concern in a business is your product’s use and built quality . If your product is appealing , useful & cheaper then others in market , For sure you will kill it in the market and you’ll end up investing less on advertisement .

Take OnePlus for example they invested more on product then advertisement.

And in smartphone business if you are good at cost cutting you can disrupt the market.

Concentrate on product building

Making ads interesting and Direct.

You must have seen those annoying ads Which comes every freaking time you watch something on Youtube . Some study say it psychologically does product placement of them. But i think it just brings down the brand reputation . It kind of becomes a thing which people may avoid when shopping . So make sure you are not over doing the Ads . Make it short and direct as much as possible.

Edit your content and make it direct and easy.

Make colorful and catchy Ads .

make Ads interesting and convincing to people. Think about hiring a Graphic Designer and make Attractive Ads which will make people to click on your Ads . Always work with a digital marketer who knows the importance of good Graphics. Make your Ads colorful so in the page full of items yours will be highlighted . High contrast color will attract more people and direct content will do the work of easily product placing on consumer’s mind.


Make Ads to which people can connect.

Big companies like Google, Samsung etc . Use emotions to place their product on customers mind and it works extremely well. Samsung’s Ad of its customer service in India is at 209M views on Youtube. Because it hits the Emotional wall of people. And on the other hand Apple uses direct and professional looking Ads which looks so Professional.

Connect to people

Know your Targeted audience and plan your Ad Champaign accordingly.

Now all the above mentioned points will be useless if you don’t know your customers well. The different kinds of Ads are made by keeping their consumers in mind . Always catch the ‘trending’ bus and make use of the things in trend write now. If you are making something which doesn’t depend on trends then ask people about their needs via survey etc. And keep upgrading.


“The worst thing for a brand is to have a kind of false part of who they are exposed out there.” – Lee Clow

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