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-By Aman Chandravanshi

Learn To Market From the people who like to Show Off. And Fool The algorithm like a hacker.

Aman Digital marketing servecies


We are living in an era of digital dominance where our phones and computers acts as a gateway to another world of internet which is made totally of 0s’ and 1s’ and most of the people spend a major amount of there time in that world. Everything is getting ‘Computerized’ nowadays, the banks, paper works, travelling, socialising, shopping ….. 
So if the people are spending most of there time in this world, Where should we concentrate more? And should the marketing industry stay as it is or should it evolve with everything else in the world? Should we still use the classical knowledge and tricks of marketing which is unfortunately still taught in B schools all over the world or the new ways of digital marketing. 
I think we should always evolve with the technology and should always follow infact lead the era of modern technology. We should be able to predict where the people will go, what the trend is, how to follow the trend& how to make profit out of it. 
So now we are aware that, for better exposure we need digital presence of our product. And that’s where Digital Marketing comes into picture. Let’s talk “statistically” .Over the last 10 – 15 years ,Nearly 2 Billion people came online and the numbers are growing much faster then it was ever. To influence them and to tell them about our product we should do our marketing and advertising online. And with the benefit of technology we also able to monitor the reach and conversion rate of our ads and marketing tactics . By monitoring and analysing the market and data ,we can do proper investment and execute our ads campaign wisely. But it is easier said then done . I agree that not all people are online yet and there are reasons why classical ads and marketing is important. This is why it is important for us to target the audience wisely. 
Here are the steps for you to make a choice on how to effectively & efficiently market your product. 

“If your Business is not on the internet,Then you will be out of Business soon.”

                           – Bill Gates

1. Age Group of your targeted Audience.

The first thing which will directly affect your marketing is the age group which uses your product. I have seen it that people use classical ads and marketing like newspaper etc . For things like Stylish Headphones, Fashion, and Funky Gadgets & gizmos. Now tell me why will kids and teenagers nowadays read newspaper. Same goes for ads and gigs for old people like a Blood Pressure monitor or banking schemes or something mid aged & old people or we can say “mature” people buy. They will always prefer offline market and ads because they are quite sceptical about online money. And can easily be fooled by scammers. So, decide the right age group for your customer and then decide where to put your ads on. 

2. Your business reach.

You will obviously not buy butter chicken from someone who is thousands of miles away from you. So to advertise about it worldwide is useless. Just like this you should know Whom and till where you want to target your audience. If you are making something for local use or if you are providing some kind of local service, then it is useless to advertise it in a large scale. It doesn’t mean that you should not use digital marketing, it means you can use local and more small radius digital marketing. 

3. Financial situation of your targeted audience. 
If you are making something expensive which some people can buy then you should excessively focus on those audience because it will be of no use of showing a Ferrari or Lamborghini ad in a country like Nigeria Because you know it will be loss of money on ads. So you will show your ads in countries like U.A.E. And yes, Brand value of these supercar manufacturer is so good but then also they need to advertise their product.

4. A wide range of targeted audience.

People will always tell you the cons of social media how it is shifting our attention form socializing in real life and many other reasons but let me tell you social media is like the best gun we have for ads in our arsenal of marketing. It is good because it reaches all kind of audiences rich, poor, old, young, locals and international. So, we should use all the social media to reach a wide no. of targeted audience. After all Facebook, YouTube, Google, Instagram these all are Advertising companies. 

5. Must have an online identity or address which is easily accessible. 

 The most important thing in the whole thing of Digital marketing is your “WEBSITE” no matter how big or small you company is what you sell whom you sell and whatsoever. You should have your own website of your company and it should be updated regularly. Because its like you online property or shop where people would come to buy your service. 

These 5 things should be kept in mind during planning of your moves on targeting your audience in digital marketing.

Aman Digital marketing servecies
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