The World Record Egg. And the brains behind it.

The #eggGang showed the world how dynamic and unpredictable the social media world can be. 

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By Aman Chandravanshi

I am using Instagram since 2014, and have only 300 followers and. Here comes an egg which made its account just 2-3 months. And uploaded just a simple pic of egg with a white background. And somehow managed to get over 50 million likes.

How the egg became most liked picture on Instagram?

Was it just coincidence? Did this egg just became lucky? or was it all the result of an Epic Marketing Strategy by people behind it.?

Let me explain you.

world record egg aman chandravanshi

“Records are Meant to be broken”

So the people Behind this Egg are – Chris Godfrey, with his friends Alissa Khan-Whelan and C.J. Brown. All of them are from Advertising Background. And are from London. 

Now we can take one thing from this, It was not mere luck or coincidence. Their were brains and knowledge behind all this. 

Now lets see how it all happened.

So kylie uploaded a photo with her baby girl on february 2018 which took her nearly 1 year to become a photo liked by 18 Million people. And the most liked photo, Until this World record egg came and steal the show. The photo of egg was uploaded on January and got 52 Million likes in just 1 Month. !! Which is really Mind Blowing.




aman chandravashi

The reason according to me would be the intent behind it and the minimal effort people need to give to become just a small part of something big. Yeah, now those 52 Million people have something to talk about and will have a sense of doing something big. 


Have you seen those post from Facebook which got nearly a Million likes , which said ‘Like this photo and help some people or something’. This kind of post grabs people by their emotions and all they have to do is ‘like’ to help. Which is just minimal effort. This egg is just a nice and planned version of that.



And above all that it also gave people a sense of challenge with Kylie Janner’s picture which was the most liked picture before that.

And after it got nearly 1 Million like, it spread like wild fire. As people saw this growing soo Fast, they shared it in groups and contacts to like it. Which also added the speed of likes.

That’s why  the journey from Zero to one is the Toughest.

And since the creators were from Advertisement background they knew the Game and the platform. To execute their plan.

Now As the Egg hatched, and its for a good cause, Social Media pressure. Which is a good thing. As it showed that getting likes is not what people thing it is. Even a simple Egg got 52 Million likes.

And yeah the Creator said during the interview by the New York Times .

They choose Egg because it was Universal, Everybody knows what an egg is and how it looks like. Suppose if it would be an Avocado, Dragon Fruit, etc. More than half of the people on Earth wouldn’t know what it was.

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