Video on demand(VOD) marketing.

“Market is made up of people.Not vice versa”

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By Aman Chandravanshi

Gone are The days, when everyone sat together and watched something. We now want to consume it in our terms. When we want it how we want it. Yeah one more step closer to the splitting ourselves away from socializing. 

But it is what it is. Things change, People don’t. When people took photo of themselves from the phone, people resisted now they call it selfie. Lets cut to the chase. People used to watch T.v now its changing to VOD. And we have to adapt according to it. But things have to change according to the place. At first people have to Buy or rent a movie. But now as the internet has the ability to bring everything to you in no time. Every company have to bring their content to the people as fast as possible. 


Vods marketing

So first, Netflix came with a plan to have the movies and give it to their customers by taking the movie from the creators and delivering it to the customers. Here, Netflix became the place to consume such a verity of content. And just for the convenience, people took it. But it doesn’t replaced the T.V completely. 

As the time passed, technology got better, faster and more cheaper. Now more number of people are on internet then on any other multimedia. So the competitors raised. Hulu started its own service, Amazon started its own services And many more recently Disney and apple announced their own VOD networks and are spending Billions of dollars on them. So as Disney brought Fox, Marvel, Star, It will give priority to it rather than giving the movies to Netflix or any other service. Now for movies from fox, Disney etc you have to purchase the whole subscription of Disney+. Which will cost the customer more. Its a really big problem, Because we have to pay for thousands of movies and series more which we don’t want we just want to watch one. 

This will promote people to sharing their accounts and also increase the pirating of this content. Which will result in losses for these companies.

What can be done? Share it!!!

We can share our accounts of different VODs at times

Suppose I have service of Amazon, My friend has Netflix. We can share it. He wants to watch Tom Clancy I will give my account to him. I want to watch Money heist, I will take his account. If You have 3-4 friends involved in this. You got nearly got everything covered. To make sure your timing don’t overlap, make a whatsapp group to discuss it. 

 Share the same account With 1.5x the people allowed

Now if you have a Netflix subscription of 2 people share with 3 people or maybe 4. Have some people in your group who watches it less then many other people. So that it will be easy for everyone. Now divide the money between yourself.


What the VODs services need to do. 

Make a subscription service which only allows you to watch a number of series or film in a month. 

For example – a cheaper service which only allows you to watch 2 series and 10 movies. This will attract more customers and also limit the watch time. And people will not share it with people. Its a WIN-WIN for everyone. There is more to it, that we can discuss if you are interested.

Make Ad based service for freemium customers. Or make it a mixed service to cover money not coming from Ads. This will be good as you are getting your part of money from ads and giving them services with low charge. 


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