What is your Soul Element

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.

– Albert Einstein

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By Aman Chandravanshi

So, there is a saying in Hindu Mythology Everything is made up of 5 basic element. These element are directly or indirectly responsible for the creation and destruction perhaps continuing the cycle of life .

These 5 elements “Panch Tatva” are Water(Jal), Fire(Agni) , Air(Vayu) , Earth(Prithvi), Sky (Aakash).

5 Elements

These makes you the person made up of these 5 things And yes, these is not all possible but don’t apply logic so directly try to understand the depth of it.

See lets understand this . Starting with the FIRE (Agni), Sun provides the basic driving power to everything moving and existing thing in earth. Yeah, Everything. For example, Coal is nothing but a form of trees processed by nature and buried inside Earth’s surface.

So, Fire did its work by providing power to plant to grow. As the food chain starts with plants. Almost all living organisms depends on plants to survive.


Water (jal) is the most important element for sustaining of any life form in Earth.


Earth (Prithvi) not the whole earth but the soil, Ground or land gives us place to grow and all the food and nutrients to survive.


Air(Vayu) You can live without food for couple of weeks, and days without water but without Air not more than 2 mins . Try it .. 😛 .


Sky(Aakash) The sky sustains everything and regulates every element , it stops harmful radiation provides water (water cycle), wind obviously .


Now we understood about the relation of these elements and their importance. There is a believe our soul have all these element but,doesn’t have exactly 20% of each element As nature never works in symmetry . we Have one element dominating which is responsible for our traits , Attitude and personality. We are highly predictable according to these traits.

Whats your soul element.

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