What jobs will be taken by robots.

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By Aman Chandravanshi

This hype is not new, as the comforts&benefits of technology is changing the world for good we all are becoming more depended on them as they never complain or take offence, and do their work very efficiently. Many scientists and inventors dedicated their whole life to mankind for the gift of Technology. I can go on and on, talking about the wonders of science.

But there’s a catch , there is always a catch . At first there were more work to do, then the labor or man power required, Things needed more time and there was nothing.So as humans we found ways to ease our work . We invented many tools which gave us more time and less dependence on labor .

lets go back when the major work force was farming and agriculture as the first thing we require to exist is internet….sorry 😛 Food. So the population was less and was working in lands .


Then came the age of ‘Industrial Revolution’ , which later gave us tractors , harvester , pumps and other gadgets and equipment making the work more efficient and less dependent on human labor, As the majority went away to work on those factories and industries.


So what happened in this scenario …Did the farmers get unemployed ? Did the jobs of those millions of agriculture workers got ‘snatched’ by machines … No, the basic employment overall remained the same . Obviously there was a large no. of people who lost jobs ,there are always backlashes to something moving forward.

And if we compare this situation to the present one we will see,same things are happening on a big level, automatization of banks factories etc are again attacking the jobs of factory workers and is happening too fast . for us to adapt.

Knowingly or unknowingly mankind and technology works hand in hand in a pattern . Did you noticed the pattern here .? Let me show you.

As the time flows , technology will become more and more advanced . No one can stop that. “You cannot stop progress,You can just delay its outcome.

Machine follows men. Not vice versa

Human beings are wonderful creation of God and we have the greatest gift , the gift of innovation and this solved the problems from- how to roll a stone ? to how to split atoms . We faced some problem,found the solution , implemented it,solved one problem and then jumped to other . This is the pattern, here technology plays the role of auto saver which saves the answer of previous problem and does it very fast and effectively . So that we don’t have to do it again . Then what do we do.? Sit and argue about machine taking our jobs? Or move ahead and solve the next problem.?

what’s happening now .

There is a major shift in the working of machines,I agree now they can do More and more things and their intelligence is growing exponentially .But there are things that machine can’t do,innovation and solving real world problems .

Even the pattern works like this,we create the way and then put technology to back us on our previous step,so that we can move ahead.

But our System doesn’t recognize the pattern.They teach us to do the same repetitive things which a machine can do easily,they are not growing hand in hand with technology. which is giving a negative impact to our society .For example,in today’s world where technology upgrades every single day. Our ‘system is still stuck on the era which is without internet.

How they teach And how we understand

Producing Inefficient robots who needs rest and complains all the time.for example, if you will go to a shop,find an employee,they just know what to do but,they will never no why.They are just robots following command.I went to a government office yesterday,to submit a form and there was a simple error , because of which the guy was not accepting it. When i asked him at least help me in troubleshooting this problem. which was his job, basically . He said he didn’t know and forwarded me to his manager ,who was not there and came after an hour or two. And corrected the issue in a minute or less.

I know you would have faced the similar problems in your own way.This shows that they are nothing just ineffective robots who just know how but don’t know what and why. They can just do the work of a machine .

The Way to overcome this issue is by advancing and doing jobs which required real human talents like innovation , research ,social works etc.

making the world a better place together

if you see the problems we are facing,you will find your job their.That is your role as a human being towards mankind. To solve problems. There are too many problems that we are facing right now such as Global warming , Nuclear waste , Pollution , Over population etc. And even on the innovation side , there are plenty of answers of Science which we still haven’t found.

We will talk about all this problems and there solutions in the next coming article . So stay tuned .And thanks for you precious time.

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